『G3X/G3v2 PatchMaker E』  scripted by zkun    ver.1.0E (2012.12.22 released)

 /    (^)  (^) \   

PatchMaker Proのように自由な並び順には出来ないけど、パラメータを特定した詳細指定ができるyo(秀逸笑)
UNIT (1st Prm) (2nd Prm) (3rd Prm) LEVEL
NR Thrsh
DRIVE Gain1 Tone1‏‏
AMP Gain2 Tube‏ ‏ ‏ Cab
CHORUS Rate ‏ ‎ Depth Mix1
DELAY Time ‏ ‎ F.B. ‏ ‏ ‏ Mix2
REVERB Decay Tone2 Mix3
EX-PEDAL  Input Vol  Output Vol  Auto Assign  Off PATCH LEVEL
CTRL-SW   Tap Tempo Bypass/Mute Hold(Delay) InputMute(Delay) InputMute(Reverb) Off
Contents of patch group file 

Just copy this data and paste it to ".g3xa" file of Edit&Share on any text-editing software.

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